Strawberry Aloe juice, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate

A secret exposed: Aloe jucie is usually diluted in water. Because a lot of people want to make money quickly and easily, also increased the number of agents are mischievous and dishonest selling products Aloe jucie. When you've been cheated, it's like you have to spend money for nothing. Not only that, but also, the product you have received will be little or no effect. Alternatively, it could be dangerous to consume it because it is produced is unknown and procedures that can have side effects as possible. The product may look like (sometimes with a small color) even taste like water. Please note that not all products are diluted Aloe juciecan be detected easily. Typically, complex laboratory tests are needed to verify if the product is diluted, but this is not a common practice for regular customers.

Aloe Vera plants are harvested before they reach maturity. Based on animal studies, the plants have grown over time it reaches three or four years old. This is the perfect time to harvest crops, because its nutrients are in the form of its most popular. So younger harvesting significantly reduces the health benefits that your body can get.


The high temperatures used in processing products. This will result in the biological components of the plant operation to death that leads to the minimum health benefits or not.

The long period between harvesting and processing plant. Remember that this aloe jucie when exposed to air, oxidizes very quickly so make it decompose faster than you think. Sometimes, chemicals are added to prevent further deterioration of the plant.

Aloe jucie has been growing inorganically. This is where the use of herbicides and pesticides are used that results in allergic reaction of some people.